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back again with another 11 items. Bidding has begun and the auction is live! Bidding extended to: Wed Sept 17th at 5pm PST. This is a silent auction that will be conducted via email. Once the winning bidder has been identified, the winning bidder will be contacted for payment.
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Item: Blood Feast Original VHS Cover Art(Circa 1981)

Size: Size: 22 inches x 32 inches

Description: Original painting for the cover art of the 1982 VHS release of Blood Feast, distributed by Charles Band’s early home video label Cult Video. Released in 1963, Blood Feast is notorious for being the first “splatter film” and went on to solidify director Herschell Gordon Lewis as a cult icon. A must-have for any fan of classic grindhouse and exploitation films! Painting is in good condition with some wear and marks around the edges.
Estimate: $800-$1400
Current Highest Bid: $1200
Please bid in increments of $50 dollars.
Bidding ends: Wed Sept 17th at 5pm PST